Carlos Demonstrates ABS – His Own Review


Carlos shows how he trades using Auto Binary Signals (ABS). The various binary option brokers have different initial minimum deposits, minimum trade amounts, and option types; several are recommended by Roger Pierce. Just follow any hypertext link, and register with a broker. Roger recommends activating more than one binary option broker account. By doing so, you have provided an option to place trades which may not be available if you rely on just one binary option broker. Not all brokers have the same assets available to trade, at the same time.  For instance, EUR/JPY may be available for trading with one broker, but this trade may not be available with other brokers. Also, you get additional value-added training material should you register with more than one broker. If you split $1,000 among four brokers, giving them each $250, they’ll treat you the same as if you gave $1,000 to one broker, as an initial investment.

Main ABS Page

Main Auto Binary Signals Page

On the main ABS page, ABS uses 5 trading signals, which need to simultaneously line up to recommend getting into a trade. You can see the signal details when you click on “More Details.” These signals provide the precise reasons why you could profitably trade a certain asset, with a profit potential.  In the video below, for example, is a trade in Intel stock, which ABS has pinpointed. There is a signal timeout clock, that provides the timing situation for the trade. Carlos usually likes to trade immediately, upon seeing a new trading signal generated from ABS. This is done so as to maximize profit potential from a trade. Carlos prefers not to trade when the signal timeout value is less than one minute. The signal can deteriorate over time, and starts to become inaccurate.

There is a division in the Main Strategy ABS page, between 1m – 5m Options, and 15m – 1 hour Options. Usually, you’ll see more signals for 1 to 5 minutes, but Carlos likes the longer term options (15m – 1 hour) most. For the longer duration Options, the signals are a bit more accurate and reliable. However, there are not as many signals.

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As a trading example, Carlos shows a new asset popping up, EUR/GBP, with a down trend of 89% expectancy, and a signal timeout of 2:42. Carlos will go to the options broker he has open at the moment, which is currently Optimarkets™. Usually, he has two to three brokers with open windows, so that if one broker does not have this asset, Carlos can jump to a second broker to do a trade.

Here, Carlos moves to his Optimarkets™ window, and initiates a EUR/GBP Put, investing $100, with a 5 min. expiry. Upon confirmation the trade executed successfully, Carlos looks for a color-coded confirmation (green = in the money, red = losing trade) from the options broker.

In conclusion, this is how Carlos decides what trades to place, and how the initiates these trades. Carlos does not recommend trading all the assets which have a signal. Every day, watching ABS, you’ll learn which assets are better for you to trade, depending on your strategy. For Carlos, he clearly prefers 15m – 1 hr assets. Your strategy may differ.

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