A User’s Candid Opinion on Auto Binary Signals – His Own Take on the Product


Darian provides a short review of Auto Binary Signals, (ABS). First off, this software was developed by Roger Pierce, originally from the UK. He has a degree in computer science from the London School of Economics. He once worked at J.P. Morgan. After moving to New York, he worked in the stock market, at various New York firms.

The product is downloadable, it takes advantages of developing situations in the binary options market, and it works by alerting traders to profitable binary options trades in various financial markets. The very minute a potential trade becomes profitable, ABS transmits a trading signal. In the members area, you have the option of choosing the software performing all of the trades for you. This is the automatic feature of ABS. So, you can just set ABS to run on auto-pilot.  You virtually go to bed, and ABS is performing trades for you. ABS is compatible with all binary options trading platforms. In the members area, you have tutorial videos and additional training that enable you to use the software to its fullest capability.

The cost of the software is quite modest. So, is this software worth it? Darian can’t answer this for anyone else. He notes it has a 60 day money-back guarantee. Sad to say, ABS does not offer a free trial. They are however confident in their product, that it will make you a lot of money. Roger Pierce demonstrates how he made $237,000 early on, by using this software. He is using ABS right up to the present.

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Darian’s advice is: try the product. If it does not make you any money in the 60 day time period, just get a refund back in cash. ABS has 24/7 support, and Darian has done his research. He would not be telling others about Auto Binary Signals if he felt this software was not worthwhile.

Darian has read a lot of reviews of ABS, and seen a lot of video testimonials. One guy said he made $5,000 in less than two weeks, and some may be telling the truth, others may not.

So far, Darian has not seen anyone say anything bad about ABS. Not one person has called ABS a scam. So, he gives Auto Binary Signals a rating of 8.9/10. This is high praise, the reason being the software, the web page, everything seems A-OK.

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