Darian’s Experience with Auto Binary Signals


This is Darian’s candid impression of Auto Binary Signals (ABS). After using ABS for about a month, he found the main tab is just inadequate to get the job done. You will have to upgrade to at least “Pro Strategies.” The ABS base package is $97 (sometimes available with a discount), and the Pro Strategies upgrade is $117. However, both the basic ABS signals package, and the Pro Strategies upgrade are one-time fees. (Or a $214 one-time cost). So, after you pay for these, you have them for life. That having been said, you have a very useful signal indicator, which can be used to make binary option trading profits.

Additionally, there are the “Pro Signals” and “Pro Training,”  which are both upgrades. Pro Signals are directly from Roger Pierce’s trading account, with long expiry times. Pro Training is a binary options training class. The instructor shows you how to set up a trade, and use advanced trading strategies.

However, all you really need are the main ABS and the Pro Strategies. What Darian has come to realize about ABS is that many people don’t know how to use the signals effectively. Of course, some will call Auto Binary Signals a scam. However, Darian is convinced ABS is not a scam, but can be used with a profitable outcome. 

ABS generates a signal 24/7 with a countdown timer, providing a trade initiation deadline. The binary option trades have two time frames:

  • 1 min – 5min
  • 15 min – 1 hr

Darian always goes for the 1 hr time frame. You will see the direction of the asset trade, the accuracy percentage, and the time you have left to place the trade. For example, you have the Asset Gold, going in the up direction, with an accuracy percentage of 86%, and you have four minutes to place a trade.

 Here are some tips that can help you:

  1. Do not trade all the signals that ABS produces. It’s just software, and can’t possibly predict the market accurately, all the time.
  2. Do not place trades with less than one minute on the countdown timer.
  3. Only place trades with a signal accuracy above 86%
  4. Go for assets like Gold, Silver, Copper, IBM, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY,  AUD/USD, JPY/USD, and AAPL

A few comments about Pro Strategies: The reason why Pro Strategies is so important is because it shows the trend, the signal accuracy, and, most importantly, it shows the volatility of  the asset.  Usually, the trades with assets having low volatility are the most successful ones, because they aren’t affected much by up or down changes in the market. So, those assets are frequently a win for Darian. The Pro Strategies works with ABS to produce a special signal called a perfect match, and it appears with a red color. The Pro Strategies is a more in-depth look at the financial markets than the base ABS. It analyzes the market with a lot more charts, and so it produces a very special signal that comes along once every couple of hours. On certain days when the market is aligned , you’ll get several Pro Strategies signals.

Darian’s Conclusion for ABS

The cost is $97. You can, however, get ABS with some discounts. There are a couple of 5-day trial offers. Then, there are the upgrades. You can upgrade at any time, if you like. Plus, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. People are still going to call ABS a scam, etc. Darian is, however, still using ABS, and willing to provide trading guidance on how to place trades with ABS.


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